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Homework from February 28, 2011 from Tom!

Hi all,

The stages of the elements for a PLC are posted on the Wiki. I think I told folks I would just go ahead and assign duties, so here you are:
Bett - Clarity Regarding What Students Must Know and Be Able to Do (pg. 3)
Betsy – Assessing Whether Students Have Learned the Essential Curriculum (pg. 4)
Rashawn – Systematic Interventions Ensure Students Receive Additional Time and Support for Learning (p. 5)
Susan – Collaborative Teams of teachers Focus on Issues That Directly Impact Student Learning (p.6)
Did we want the Where do We Go From Here? Worksheet continued on page 6?

Cheryl – Creating a Focus on Results That Impacts Schools, Teams, and Teachers (p. 7)
Trina, Cozie, and Charlene – could you look at the Cultural Shifts in a PLC section and see if you can develop some yes or no questions that would get at whether this cultural shift is taking place in a school?
If anyone can’t get her part done, please let me know and I’ll take care of it.
Thomas R. Tomberlin
Senior Analyst, Human Capital
Center for Human Capital Strategies
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