PfP: Assessing Whether Students Have Learned the Essential Curriculum

Developing Stage
Do the teachers at my school work together to analyze the results of state and district tests in order to develop classroom improvement strategies, and do they use the results to identify strengths and weaknesses in their course or grade level?

Sustaining Stage
At my school, do teams of teachers develop, administer, and analyze the results of multiple common assessments to improve collective practices, and do they establish proficiency standards to identify students who need additional support for learning?

Initiation Stage
Does the principal at my school work with the staff to improve upon state and district test results?

Pre-Initiation Stage
Does each teacher at my school create the assessments he/she will use to monitor student learning and assign grades?

PFP: Focus on Results:

Developing: Does your collaborative team create SMART goals specifically aligned with your school goals and district goals?

Sustaining: Does your collaborative team establish and understand annual and short team goals with specific action plans to achieve the goals and evidence needed to assess the impact of plans?

Initiation: Does your school develop school improvement plans in response to district requirements and do these plans impact classroom practices?

PFP: Interventions

Developing- Our school has provided time and support for learning within the school day to help students master essential skills?

Initiation- Our school makes tutorial programs available to students struggling with essential skills?

Sustaining- Our school responds proactivty and systematically to data to ensure students are given increase timed time and support to master essential skills.

PFP: Clarity regarding what students must know and be able to do.

During planning time have you worked with your team to determine what students must know and be able to do and develop strategies to positively impact student learning?

During planning time have you worked with your team to establish a way to collect data and use criteria to evaluate student achievement with re-teaching strategies?

Has your school been given state standards and pacing guides to base student learning?

Collaborative Teams of Teachers Focus on Issues That Directly Impact Student Learning

Developing- Have guidelines been established in an effort to ensure staff members use collaborative time to address topics that will impact instruction?
Sustaining- Does the collaborative team process help both individual members and the team in general become more effective in helping students learn at high levels?

Initiation- Have structures been put into place for teachers who may be interested in collaborating?


1. Does your team (e.g., grade-level, departmental, or subject-level) collaborate on student learning?

2. Does your team use assessments to inform your students?

3. Does your team use remediation with students who are struggling?

4. Does your team use balanced assessments?

5. Do members of your team seek out their own individual professional development?

6. Does your team use goals related to the completion of projects and activities to assess student learning?

7. Does your team use constructed tests to respond to students who need additional time and support?

8. Does your team frequently collaborate on matters not related to student achievement?

9. Does your team allow each teacher to determine the pacing of the curriculum?

10. Does your team focus on steps you can take internally to improve your school?

11. Do members of your team assume responsibility only for students listed on their class rosters?

12. Does your team focus primarily on what is being taught?

13. Does each member of your team gather data from their individually constructed tests to assign grades?

14. Do your team members help each other become better teachers?

15. Does your team plan for short-term wins?

16. Are you and your team interdependent?

17. Does each member of your team independently determine criteria to be used in assessing student work?

18. Does your team monitor each student’s proficiency in every essential skill?